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Neighbourhood Farm, an NGO in Cape Town South Africa, partnered with us to design and install their market gardens at local schools and at our shared site which was part of a hospital. We were also commissioned to design their permaculture gardens for the outdoor classrooms. We shared the hospital site with them for a period until relocating back to the UK in September of 2018. You can read more about their project here

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When we were living in Cape Town, we opened a Permaculture teaching centre on a farm which was called The Cape Farm House. It was located very close to the Cape Point nature reserve which brought many challenges, namely invasion and destruction from roaming baboon troops as well as porcupines and other wild critters. As the area was quite large we were not able to fence it in so we decided to rather teach permaculture which launched us on our teaching career. We ran workshops from the site where we pioneered our modular PDC which consisted of students attending once a fortnight to do one module of the PDC at a time. This system of doing a PDC was quite popular as it was also economical and allowed students to really integrate what they had learnt at each session before learning the next module.

The site was also a great space to teach other courses as seen below