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The ever growing revolution

Our sister business Urban Farmers South Africa has been set up as a catalyst for change, offering busy people, often too caught up in the swirl of life to focus on the simpler things, a chance to have their own personal revolution in their back yard. You might wonder how growing fruit and veg could ever be a revolutionary act? Let me explain... Growing your own food, the weapon of the Urban Farmer. You are preserving your intelligence by refusing to ingest toxic ingredients. Many vegetables are sprayed with certain pesticides which have been proven to lop off IQ points. (Also check out my blog on CCA) You can trust the food you are eating has not been genetically modified. Who knows what future terrors this has in store for humanity. I've seen the pictures of the lab rats and the pig stomachs which need no explanation. Can we please leave genetics to God, his CV says he's qualified. You are nourishing your body by feeding yourself real food. Real food, unpasteurized, un-irradiated, with all of the nutrients intact, will provide you with a strong immune system and lower your risk of many diseases. You will also not be eating the toxic additives that affect your body. You are not participating in funding Big Food, Big Agriculture, and Big Pharma when you grow your own food. Every bite of food that is not purchased via a supermarket is representative of money that does not go into the pockets of these companies who are interested only in their bottom line. Those industries would be delighted if everyone was completely reliant on them and let's not forget, around the world these same companies are pushing governments to pass a law to make it just this way. You are not susceptible to the control mechanisms and threats. If you are able to provide for yourself, you need not give credence to those who would hold the spectre of hunger over your head. You don’t have to rely on anyone else to feed your family. (Check out on-line, the little known Great Chinese Famine where 15 plus million people died in a few short years and then remember what Henry Kissinger said about food. "'If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population." This makes me want to start talking about the current drought in the US and HAARP but that would be going too far off topic) Darwin theorised that the ‘survival of the fittest’ ensures the continued evolutionary existence of a species. This suggests there is a competition to be top dog, with all species battling with each other to take that position. I, however, do not think this is the case. Perhaps what he should have said is ‘the survival of the most fitting’ where all living creatures from bacteria to a bug, from earthworm to elephant from plankton to, yes, even people, are each a piece of the amazing giant puzzle called life.

Those creatures most adept at reshaping themselves and cooperating with one another, while fitting into their own niche, in the ever changing environment, are most likely to survive. Nature, when a piece no longer fits, simply discards it without sentiment. As humans, we are not above these simple and fundamental, natural laws. We have created a mess in which we will perish if both collectively and individually we do not change our ways and lift ourselves consciously and morally from this abyss. Evidence for the ecological disaster is all around us to see if we were only interested enough to look. The greatest peril that currently threatens the world is the ongoing disaster of Fukushima, (yet we continually get human-induced global warming pushed in our face... Why is that do you think? Why is the UN so heavily involved in climate change but never whispers about Fukushima? Just asking!) The Fukushima issue is now rarely if ever, covered by the mainstream media, however, this disaster has not gone away and it is not getting any better, in fact, I have recently read it is getting worse… but humanity trundles on in its normalcy bias, doom on the ever-nearing horizon. Fukushima is perhaps the most obvious disaster but there are unfortunately many other polluting catastrophes, of all kinds, scattered around the globe, too many to discuss, too depressing to start to list… but please do your own research and do not bury your head in the sand. Passing the buck. It seems to me that the powers-that-be, these corporate monsters, want to conquer the whole of the earth; they want to domesticate nature and control everything. Their goal is to accumulate wealth, power and land far beyond their needs (and we all know they will smash us down to get it). But it is all too easy for us ‘little people’ to blame them and say “I’m powerless, what can I do about it?” while watering our lawned gardens and flowerbeds from our drinking water supply.

Yes, this precious drinking water that is in such short supply, that we also use to flush our shit and piss away while we sit in our air-conditioned WCs, in our energy inefficient homes. Let’s not forget we also drive one of our, two or three cars, off our concrete driveways to the Shopping Mall to buy the plastic wrapped, frozen food, grown using oil based fertilisers and pesticide, from the eroded dead soil.

This food, if we can still call it that because it is so lacking in the nutrient that is needed to sustain life, is likely to be genetically modified to perhaps taste a little sweeter or look a little more appealing, is then shipped from the other side of the planet along with some plastic crap from China that we do not need but it's shiny so we buy it anyway, even though we’ll be throwing it in the trash next week (along with that helpful, little polystyrene tray that your GM broccoli sat in, that will take some two thousand years to break down) to add to the other mountain of other plastic crap that has already there, overflowing from the landfill that we don’t want anywhere near where we live, so we have these tips in the countryside, some area far away from us, somewhere it was green once but the wildlife won’t mind and even if it does what is it going to do about it..!!! (I’m not sorry about the silly rant, I hope it makes a point... and I'm no saint where all the above is concerned... ahh but it was good to get it off my chest!) Yes, clearly there is something we can individually do; it’s just we are not accepting of the changes we need to make!! Unfortunately, people do not want to look at their own little lives so critically, they don’t want to deal with any of this mess themselves, it’s all too easy to overlook our own shortcomings and just expect the government to sort out the crap. If everyone stopped buying food that was in those polystyrene trays, do you think they would still sell it to them? Why is there no law against little polystyrene trays? or is there? WAKE UP CALL..! If any government had any intention of doing something about all this disastrous mess, they would have done it by now. Hey let’s face it, the chances are if the government tried to do the clean up properly, you would vote them out because of change, whichever way it comes about, does not come without some sacrifice. It is our convenient lifestyles that need to change.

Every aspect of our modern lives needs to be examined. Real change has its challenges but each must be faced and an answer found. For example, how would you cope without your mobile phone? Did you know that the EM fields transmitted from mobile phone masts are thought to be a major part of the huge bee die-offs we are seeing around the globe? Bees pollinate a vast amount of our food crops… we really need bees to stick around!!! Could you go back to using a pay phone when you are out in town? One day this might be something that is forced upon you and perhaps we should all be hoping that that is one day soon. Clearly, there is an elite who need to be overcome but really that is the easy part once we have overcome the enemy from within. Our real enemy is the apathetic and indolent attitude. We are constantly craving convenience and the quick fix without checking or caring about the long term cost. Fortunately, since my own awakening, I have seen the ever increasing number of people waking up to the true damage we are doing to this planet. Becoming aware is the first step. Ignorance, in the days of the internet, can be no excuse. I see these newly awakened people as streams growing deeper and faster. Yes there is turbulence and they are splashing around, but they are moving, flowing, joining together becoming a river but a river that has been dammed. This dam is the system that has been termed civilisation but with a closer look at this system, we see it be anything but civilised. It is destructive, psychopathic and immoral… but pressure is building, the water is ever increasing.

At some stage I believe a point will be reached where the dam begins to crack, perhaps we are already there? Those who are awakened must all choose our tools to chip away at the dam. We must all make the small changes that collectively make the difference and alter the meme. What we created we can tear down. It is only through the cunning plans of unscrupulous men that we have travelled this path but in our hearts, we know there is a better way. Together as one, we will soon find it; we will bring this dam crashing down and take the route that humanity was always destined to go. When we remember that we are a part of nature, its' steward and not its' governor we will know we are back on track. Good luck, keep chipping away

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