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Champions of Permaculture

Champions of Permaculture is the PRCCT's way of trying to ignite real bioregional resistance in every town in South Africa and perhaps beyond. Today we have some great social media tools to assist us, spreading the good word of permaculture has never been so easy... but what permaculture needs are Champions to take on the role in their own community. We can not be successful in changing the destructive meme unless we work together locally but to be able to work together we need to be able to find each other. Champions of Permaculture is that first step. It allows the community to identify those with the same permaculture dreams. Once they have found each other it is up to them where they take it. We have to come together to rise up to this challenge!

So who is a Champion the Champions? Hopefully you!!!

The Champions are enthusiastic permies, they don't need to have a PDC but they need to have the passion for passing on the message. It is the Champions job to set up a Facebook page named after their town e.g. Champions of Permaculture - Fish Hoek (A Champions page that has already been set up in my local area.) It is important to only attract people from your local area but the range of your group has got to be up to you.

Once your group is fully established you can move to the next stage where you come together, physically meet up and form a more formal group.

As a group of permaculturists together there is so much you can achieve, you are held back only by the limits of your imagination. Globally these types of permaculture groups have been involved in a range of diverse activity, including: creating a monthly newsletter, forming local farmers markets, LETS and CES schemes, writing cookbooks swap shops, freecycle initiatives, organising workshops, organising permaculture classes, putting in school gardens, the guerilla gardening road verges... the list goes on.

So what do you need to do is, the first check is to see if there is a Champions or Permaculture group in your area. Above is the list of the Champions, Facebook pages, set up in lists, sorted by regions. Though you don't have to, if you are forming a Champions page it might be a good idea for you to send us an email with a link to your page so we can add it here. This makes it easy for people to search to see if there is a group they can join or whether they will have to set up their own.

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