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Welcome to the Modular Permaculture Design Certification course and congratulations for taking the first step towards making a difference in the world. Doing this course will allow you to change yourself, your families lives and the lives of your local community for the better.


It will encourage you to trust in your design ability and trust the permaculture methodology to facilitate your efforts in creating a better future for humanity. The Modular PDC is designed to be a full 72-hour PDC course, however, the PRCCT will assist you to complete the entire design coursework, module by module, when it suits you and at your own pace.


This not only allows for more flexibility but also for a longer period of time for self-study and integration of the information that you will learn on our design course and at a cost that is markedly more affordable for all. 

The modules can be completed in any order, what real difference does it make if you learn about soil before patterns, as long as you are delivered all the information that you need. This means you can sign up to the modular PDC anywhere in its cycle. go check out the calendar to see when the next module is being held. 

Doing the modular PDC takes some commitment but it is possibly the most affordable way to learn permaculture, in a face-to-face, classroom environment not only in SA but possibly the world.

Currently, each module will cost you only R250 there are 12 module and an assessment, the assessment is a further R400. Which means you can get your full PDC qualification for just R3400. If you pay for the 12 module up front we will give you the assessment for free!!! Making the PDC cost you only R3000. I know, unbelievably affordable but this is because the permaculture research centred is dedicated to getting permaculture to all the people not just the well off ones!!! I look forward to seeing you on the next modular course!

Revolving PDC:
Do the modules when it suits you, at a very affordable price


Introduction to Permaculture

This module will give you insights into the Permaculture design philosophy as well as key problems we face today



This cornerstone module helps to clarify the methods used and anchor them in your understanding of permaculture


Methods of Design

How to apply the permaculture knowledge on the ground


Understanding Patterns

This is the glue of permaculture. We are so familiar with patterns that we hardly ever notice them


Climate Factors

How to identify what climate factors are important to the permaculture designer with regard to their designs


Trees and their Energy Transactions

Understanding the energy transactions of trees in order to stabalise our systems



A major design element - understanding the possibilities of water adds to a major factor of the design process



The ultimate life system, this is the mineral builder of our life suffport machine


Earthworking and Earth resources

The moving of earth for our benefits and for the benefit of other life systems


Designing for Climate

Taking the knowledge learnt from Climate Factors, and implementing this into best design



The central function of water in our design system is to supply us with food. Aquaculture will have a big role to play in securing man's sustainability on this planet


Strategies of an Alternative Global Nation

This module talks about how you can set up local groups to share information. Creating a collaborative network in order to create community

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