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A practical Guide to Building Geodesic Domes and other sorts of domes.

Loads of hands-on model making and all the relevant theory.

In the fun day works, we will look go through the theory of the Geodome, look at different styles and variants, examine different types of hub connections. You will also get involved in building some scale model and if there is time and we have the numbers, we will erect a full size, lightweight, 5m Geodome.

The final connection being made to the Star Dome model, built from scratch.


Everyone really enjoys building this dome, though it does make you head spin putting what is on your paper design into the real thing. 

This is a really simple dome that you can recreate in your own garden for a tent for you kids or a chicken run, you are limited by your own imagination.


Proud students stand back triumphantly showing off their completed model geodesic dome. It's amazing how so many sticks can turn into something so extraordinary.


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